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2048 Greek Alphabet

This version of the game 2048 is not the original. However, the 2048 Greek Alphabet is not just any version of 2048, but rather a variation where certain tiles have the ability to expand the size of the game board. We highly recommend giving it a try because of its truly astonishing qualities.

In accordance with the MIT License, the game in question closely resembles Gabriele Cirulli's original 2048, with a few minor enhancements: The Dvorak layout enables the WASD keys to be used. If you lose a game and then come back to it, the game won't reset. To view the completed game, you may disregard the "Game Over" notification. If you lose, you can start a new game by pressing the "Enter" key. Similarly, after achieving victory, pushing the "Enter" key allows for the game to continue.

The optimal strategy for playing the 2048 Greek Alphabet

To manipulate the tiles, use either the arrow keys or the WASD keys. When two tiles of identical value come into contact, they merge to form a single tile. In the initial appearance of Tunneling 2048, tapping a number on a wall generates a vacant area. Once the tunnel is complete, the tile will return to its original state. A black edge surrounds each tile that possesses tunneling ability.

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