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Military Cubes 2048

Military Cubes 2048

A cool game of the 2048 genre. Cleverly use the game's physics to your advantage. The goal of the game is to connect cubes with a maximum number of 2048 and win. There is a booster in the game, which will make passing the game more interesting and easier.

How To Play Military Cubes 2048

Game goal: Get maximum points and become a breaker in the 2048 category. if you throw a cube with a value of 2 into a cube with a value of 2, you will get get a cube with a face value of 4 over 2. That is, the face value will double. With cubes of different denominations, nothing happens, so they begin to accumulate and spill over the playing area, which complicates the game and can lead to loss.


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